"Anthroposophia has a radical sister, and her name is Anarchosophia."

Uncle Taz



A new word coined by Uncle Taz (cult leader and founder of Tazism). Anarchosophy is a combination of Anthroposophy and Anarchism. Others may follow this up and extend the definition of Anarchosophy to embrace any anarchosophisticated combination of Anarchism and genuine Philosophy. In that case, Anarchosophy will simply mean "Philosophical Anarchism" which gives room for a spiritual or religious anarchistic world view.

The brand of Anarchosophy which I represent, claims that Rudolf SteinerĀ“s "Die Philosophie der Freiheit" (1894) is the Anarchist Bible.


Why Anarchosophy?

Anarchists keep arguing among themselves about who are entitled to call themselves anarchists and who are not, and most of them cling to the Marxist dialectical materialism. Modern Anthroposophy on the other hand, perhaps especially in Norway(?), is dominated by the law-abiding bourgeoisie, and they may find Anarchism, and especially Criminal Anarchism, offensive.


Why Criminal Anarchism?

Because Jesus Christ was convicted as a criminal. Because many pioneers in science, philosophy, and religion, in the arts and in literature, went the same way, and are still going the same way. Because cultural heresy has always been, and will always be, criminal in nature. Because criminals saved Jews during the Holocaust in Europe and runaway black slaves in the Old South in America. Because criminals help illegal aliens, or unlawful refugees, everywhere today.

A true Christian who understands the basic principles of the New Testament, and especially the Sermon on the Mount, should be capable of identifying with every locked up criminal in the world, especially those on death row. The title "criminal" should be a mark of shame, like the Cross was, and at the same time it should be worn with defiant determination.

A personal criminal record is a great advantage but no requirement. Refusal to do military service or to sit on a jury are beautiful feathers in your anarchosophical hats. So is every act of civil disobedience where your conscience or your conviction overrules respect for the law.

Uncle Taz invites Anarchosophists, Anthroposophists, and Anarchists from all over the world to contribute to the expansion and variety of this site. ThereĀ“s only one condition: Anthroposophists and anarchists must tolerate one another.

Tarjei Straume

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