As far as I am concerned, I heard about scientology at the end of the fifties through a book on self analysis by Hubbard which my father had, and especially from a description in "Fads and fallacies in the name of science" by Martin Gardener (from what I remember Gardener talks about Reich and Hubbard in the same chapter). At that time I had of course heard about anthroposophy, which then had a dogmatic and rigid image. The first books I read by Rudolf Steiner in 1960 described things in contradiction with official science and which were hard to verify. I did not have the moral level, stated as being necessary in "Knowledge of higher worlds and how to attain it"; I was afraid of death and and I did not not know how to have experiences proving survival after death. Then in 1964 a colleague also working for his PhD thesis in the astronomy department of Manchester university in England, asked me for information about anthroposophy. I lent him the cycle "Anthroposophy", which my father claimed to be a good intoduction. The colleague did not understsand it; he then told me that he was a scientologist and what could be known through scientology. I became interested in scientology at that point, which among other things seemed to be a good way to have a scientific proof of reincarnation. I even thought from what I remember, that it was possible to collaborate scientifically with scientogists.

I shall go into details about my experiences with the scientologists in the late sixties and then especially from 1980 to 1984. When I feel that people are trying to manipulate me (for instance to pay large sums of money) I become very angry. I broke pencils and an ashtray in their Paris premises. By 1984 I had become a member of the anthroposophical society, the scientologists had attempted to put pressure on me using disgraceful procedures and certain important people from the organization in Copenhagen wore miltary uniforms (I am an antimilitarist, while military unifoms have a very significant psychological role). A dream I had about that time was about a decision I had to make between taking an "automatic taxi" (I understood this was the scientologists) and going to the "Abbaye des bonnes soeurs" (Abbey of the good sisters or nuns, which I understood as being the anthroposophists).

Scientology is dangerous because it is not a complete lie. Though it is spiritually corrupt (it uses advertising. marketing and all sorts of psychological pressure), there is also some truth in it, inspite of the vulgar way in which it is stated. It contains certain thuths of Ahriman; it was a desire to learn these truths which led me to stay connected with scientology from 1980. However Ahriman, when approached in this way is very hard!

One partial truth of scientology is the "ARC triangle", that is a triangle of affinity, reality and communication. It is closely related to the feeling, the knowledge and the ability to act of a conscious being, that is what becomes for humans, feeling, thinking and willing. This helped me in my thinking about science. The four sorts of auditing, for what others have done to you, for you have done to others, what others have done to each other and what you have done to yourself, has helped me to understand what could be the 4 stages of human consciousness, related to the four states of planetary evolution, which have occurred according to Rudolf Steiner. Other examples also exist, which I cannot remember.

As far as I can see the process of becoming "clear" which involves the destruction of the "reactive mind" by "dianetics", that is the destruction of different sorts of unconscious inhibition, is in fact a destruction of the lesser guardian of the threshold. This is clearly an illegitimate way of crossing the treshold; other illegitimate ways involve doing something wrong with the guardians.
More research is needed.

Michael Friedjung.


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