Anthroposophy in Court

According to Dan Dugan in the hole (= at PLANS and the WC list), Anthroposophists have no sense of humor. It's rather ironic that these so-called "Waldorf Critics" continually ascribe certain qualities to their chosen "opponents", namely anthroposophists of all kinds, that fit themselves so much better. One of these characteristics is fanaticism. Another is pathological obsession with Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. A third is a total absence of humor in the sense of self-irony.

This is true. A healthy sense of humor requires the inclusion of self-irony - the ability to laugh at oneself also, to laugh at what one stands for. Most anthroposophists have an abundance of this, because they have always been aware of entertaining notions that outsiders often find wacky. Waldorf critics, on the other hand, do not display this quality. They find it easy to laugh at my post below, because for the most part, I'm making fun of their "opponents", the anthroposophists. But they're highly unlikely to get a chuckle from Talkin' PLANS Paranoid Blues.

Anyway, here is the post I made to the WC list on May 19, 2001, entitled "Apop Religion in Court." It was initially posted to an anthroposophical mailing list in order to poke fun at fundamentalist bourgeois apops, but then I posted it to the Unthinkable Facility (= the WC list) too, in order to keep them a little confused about their stereotypical tunnel visions of anthroposophists:


Apop Religion in Court

Tarjei Straume
May 19, 2001 09:48 PDT

Back in February, I wrote a farce about apop religion on trial. It's not yet finished, but if I ever get around to polishing and completing it, I'll put the finished product on my website someday.

I just imagined a session in court with an apop on the witness stand trying to establish that anthroposophy is a science and not a religion:


- So Anthroposophy is not a religion?
- It most certainly isn't.
- And Anthroposophy is not even religious?
- Of course not. It is scientific.
- Scientific?
- Correct. Anthroposophy is not a religion, it is a science.
- You have us a little puzzled here, dr. Apop. Tell me, Isn't Anthroposophy a teaching about gods, angels, archangels, demons, and life after death?
- That's right.
- And that is not religious?
- No it isn't. It has nothing to do with religious faith. It's science.


- Angels are science? Would you mention some examples of documented scientific evidence of angels, dr. Apop?
- It's all in dr. Steiner's Basic Books. Just follow his exercises and see for yourself.
- And that is what you have done, dr. Apop?
- Not yet, but I will very soon.
- So you have not seen these angels yet.
- No, but I have experienced them in my willing, feeling, and thinking.
- I see. Your willing, feeling, and thinking is the best you can produce as evidence of angels being scientific and not religious?
- Of course not. Dr. Steiner researched them thoroughly. They are absolute scientific facts.
- But you have not seen these scientific facts. They have not been recorded by any microscopes or other instruments. You will soon see these angels, but until you do, are you certain that you do not believe in them religiously, accept dr. Steiner's claims on faith?
- Of course I don't. I'm a spiritual scientist. I see the proof of angels in my thinking, feeling, and willing.
- Really? How come other scientific researchers don't see the same evidence in their thinking, feeling, and willing?
- Because they're prejudiced materialists who deny scientific truth.
- Let me see if I understand you correctly, dr. Apop: In order for a scientist to recognize the evidence of angels in his or her thinking, feeling, and willing, the person must be a clairvoyant like dr. Steiner or an enlightened apop - ? That looks so subjective to me
that I believe it justified to call Anthroposophy a religion.
- No no no no no!! You must not do that!
- Why not?
- Because Rudolf Steiner will turn in his grave!
- Is that where Steiner is? In his grave?
- Of course not! He is in the spiritual world!
- In heaven? That sounds like a religious statement.
- It's not religious! It's scientific!
- Your heaven is a science lab?
- Objection!
- Sustained.
- Very well, your honor. Dr. Apop, your main objection against Anthroposophy being a religion is that Dr. Steiner said that it wasn't - ?
- That's right. Steiner said it was a science.
- But the Scientific Community says it is a religious New Age pseudo-science.
- That's because the Scientific Community is under Ahriman's control.
- Satan's control?
- Yes.


- And when the opinions of modern scientists conflict with the statements of Steiner a hundred years ago - ?
- The doctor is always right, and he alone is qualified to define Anthroposophy.
- But he is not here to defend that view.
- Yes he is. Steiner is working through our thinking, feeling, and willing. Ask an apop and you're asking Steiner.
- The problem with that is that you apops don't seem to agree on much.
- It's like this: All apops are close to Steiner, but some apops are closer to him than others.
- And how close are you?
- Objection!
- Overruled. Answer the question, dr. Apop.
- Very close, your honor, very close indeed.
- The claim is made that anthroposophy is not a religion but a science.
- Preposterous! It's a religious cult! It does not qualify as any remotest resemblance of science.
- The court is inclined to disagree, because the claim is made that we are dealing not with ordinary science here, but with occult science, with occultism.
- I'm well aware of that. It's a destructive Satanic cult.
- The apops don't consider themselves Satanists. They claim that the Satanists are members of the Scientific Community, and that Satan is in refrigerators, washing machines, and TV sets.
- That shows how deluded they are, or how cleverly they are trying to conceal their true nature, which is summed up in Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and in the evolutionary theories of Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich himmler, and the Ariosophists. Waldorf teachers and other apops are black Nazi-magicians, and the Waldorf children are clandestinely transformed into little Adolf-clones.
- What is your evidence of that?
- Well, Anthroposophy was written in German, the very language of the Nazis. Hitler was into occultism. Steiner was an occultist. The names Rudolf Steiner and Adolf Hitler are strikingly similar phonetically and rhetorically. There has to be a connection.




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