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The Waldorf Critics List is a part of the PLANS effort not only to remove Waldorf education from publically funded schools in America, but to discredit and destroy the entire Anthroposophical Movement worldwide.

Personally, I have terminated my participation on this list after spending a total of ten months there, and I have chosen to ignore the arguments continually featured by the so-called "Waldorf Critics" who are more obsessed with Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy than any anthroposophist I have ever encountered.

At the present time (May 2002), the only exceptions to this policy of mine are when texts written by myself are quoted and misused, or a topic I have introduced and explained in one of my texts is twisted and labelled diabolical, hateful, obnoxious or whatever.


My background for participating on the WC list:

My involvement with attacks and false accusations against anthroposophy - misleadingly called "criticism" - began when I was co-editing, translating, writing, publishing, and promoting a Norwegian anarchist magazine (Gateavisa) where I was personally active for seven years (1990-1997). In 1995, I decided to write an article about Christian anarchism entitled "Christos Anarchos" - available online (in Norwegian only), where I introduced several important anthroposophical ideas. Much of the factual information in this article was drawn on Peter Marshall's book about the history of anarchism entitled "Demanding The Impossible," and upon an excerpt from Rudolf Steiner's lecture cycle "Die Tempellegende und die Goldene Legende." (See also my online article about The Tempel Legend.)

After the apparent success of "Christos Anarchos," I decided to follow it up with another article about anthroposophical anarchism, antitled "Anthropos Anarchos" - later hurriedly translated into English.

The crucial point made in "Anthropos Anarchos" has later been elaborated in some of my online articles on the subject:

Anarchosophy and Anarchism

Rudolf Steiner and Anarchism

The Anarchist Steiner-Bomb

Origin of Freedom and Evil

Children of Lucifer

After writing "Christos Anarchos"and "Anthropos Anarchos," I became aware of my growing discomfort with the label "anarchist" applied to myself - especially, perhaps, when I discovered that Peter Marshall, who traces the concept of freedom in the anarchist sense through history in a broad and generous fashion, is too politically incorrect for mainstream anarchists. I decided that I am also too politically incorrect for anarchism, and this is why I coined a new term: Anarchosophy. In this way, I could freely define and describe my views with reduced potential for misunderstanding by others.

When my two above-mentioned articles had been published, I decided to write an extensive article about the Nazi regime and their attitude to, and use of, occultism. The idea was primarily inspired by a book by Nigel Pennick that I had read a little earlier, entitled "Hitler's Secret Sciences," and my major motive was to contribute to a deeper understanding of how it became possible for the German Nazi Party to achieve such unbelievable success and to hurl an entire continent into so much suffering and destruction. At the same time, I wanted to herald a warning to young people who were flirting with neo-Nazi ideologies.

About this time, however, (Autumn 1996), a young friend and co-worker lent me a copy of a book by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier entitled "Ecofascism, Lessons from the German Experience." My friend had been talking about this fascistication and nazification of Rudolf Steiner, because he apparently took great pleasure in the idea himself, being a "politically correct" anarchist who entertained the notion that if you're not an atheist, you cannot be an anarchist. Besides, his personal friends of the same ilk were supposedly busy at work translating this piece of historical revisionism into Norwegian.

The translation was published, and a praise with special emphasis on the Steiner section was written by a book reviewer in Klassekampen, the Norwegian daily newspaper farthest to the left, virtually a Communist paper, i.e. relatively close to the "anarchist" political ideology supposedly embraced by Peter Staudenmaier. A full page rebuttal of the review and the book itself was subsequently published by an anthroposophist named Bugge, and I took the opportunity of sending a newspaper article to Klassekampen with the title "Nazism and Anthroposophy" - available online (in Norwegian only).

When writing my article "Nazi-Occultism," I also researched the following books:

"Hitler´s Secret Sciences" by Nigel Pennick (my main source and influence).

"The Occult Roots of Nazism" by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke.

"The Occult Establishment" by James Webb

"Hitler: Black Magician" by Gerald Suster

"Cleansing the Fatherland" by Göts Aly, Peter Chroust and Christian Pross

"Fascism: A Reader´s Guide" (Wildwood House)

It was also about this time in question - during 1996, that is - that another anthroposophist, Cato Schiøtz, an attorney whose personal internet activities are quite limited, sent me some printouts from the racist, fascist, anti-Semite allegations on the PLANS site against Steiner and anthroposophy. I did not explore the site and its list until a year later (in 1998), but in the meantime, I had stumbled onto another topic in December, 1996, while finishing up "Nazi Occultism" - a topic of which I had absolutely no prior knowledge.

It so happened that another friend and co-worker at Gateavisa asked me to research the scientology internet war concerning their copyrighted holy scriptures that had been authored by Ron Hubbard and write an article about it. All the stuff about Scientology was online, and I was reading day and night for two months, when my finished product "The Thetans are Exposed" - available online (in Norwegian only) on this site and on Gateavisa's site (with better layout on the latter). But even after my own article was out, I couldn't stop myself and kept on reading about Scientology for another five months or so, corresponding with ex-scientologist Steve Fishman and other critics.

Later on, I became an active participant in the Scientology Internet War myself. Here are some articles around on the web that describe this war. The first link is my own summary of the story:

The NOTs Internet War

The Church of Scientology vs. the Net

The First Internet War


Scientology vs the Internet

Scientology cult attacks XS4ALL

See also my linkpage Entheta.

Anyway, I became active in this war by publishing the "hot" and "secret" manuscripts by Ron Hubbard known as "the NOTS". These were first posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology by Zenon Panoussis in Stockholm and subsequently made available at Andreas Heldal-Lund's site from Stavanger, when the forbidden documents were downloaded all over the world. Since then, I have had several internet accounts closed without notice by the RTC, and I've been getting legal mails from them, playing cat-and-mouse with the docs in question from my online library where Ron Hubbard has a prominent place (between Hobbes and Sun Tsu) that the scientologists ought to be pleased with.


Anarchism, Christianity, Anthroposophy, Scientology, and Nazism

My articles about Scientology and Nazism were published in the same issue of Gateavisa magazine - no. 158, February 1997. My articles about Christian and anthroposophical anarchism had been published in two previous issues: no. 151 (Summer 1995) and no. 155 (spring 1996). I was not aware at that time of how significant it was that I had captured Scientology and Nazism side by side like that immediately after defining Christianity and Anthroposophy from a genuine anarchist perspective, and I most certainly had no idea how important this anarchist perspective on all the ideologies concerned would have after Peter Staudenmaier's distorted views on anthroposophy and Nazism were published by Humanist magazine in Norway. Staudenmaier appeals especially to the anarchist left, and one of his pet notions about anthroposophy is that it is basically fascist and right wing.

I first subscribed to the Waldorf Critics list in January, 1999. The moderator of this list, Dan Dugan, also entertains the notion that anthroposophy is akin to Nazism - a view shared by few at that time, i.e. before Staudenmaier provided winds in the sails of Dugan's Nazi war dance against anthroposophy later.

I did however arrive at a view of my own - a view that could not possibly be understood or appreciated by Dan Dugan.

In September/October 2001, I decided to play my full hand by outlining my view about Rudolf Steiner's historical importance and the relationship of Theosophy and Anthroposophy to Nazism and Scientology. This post of mine, and the exchange that followed with Dan Dugan, may be accessed through this link:

Anthroposophy, Scientology, and Nazism

But there are also other threads I have contributed to on the WC list - an official list with archives that are published twice: First on the Topica site, and then on the PLANS website. I am currently working on a selection of my own posts to this list, with appropriate explanations and introductions to the various topics, that can be accessed through the following webpage:

The Uncle Taz "WC Posts"

WC bullshit about me from Lisa Ercolano

(to be continued.....)



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