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Here are some selected posts of mine from the WC list, addressing various topics related to Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, Waldorf education, biodynamic farming, clairvoyance, intitiation, etc. They are dialogues with "critics" (i.e. anthroposophy attackers), anthroposophists, and more or less neutral third parties.

Sometimes you'll come across a missing post I simply couldn't find, but that is not necessary for the thread to be readable. All email addresses have been omitted (most of which are obsolete anyway). If a URL was obsolete, I deleted it or updated it. In a few instances I may have left it in without hyperlink. All hyperlinked URLs were ok when this editing was made (commencing in May, 2002).

I have done my best to present these threads intact and their posts in proper chronological order. On occasion, it has been necessary to snip long abstract and boring discussions about science between two people, sometimes taking up more than half a thread. Otherwise, editing has been confined to typos (when they are discovered) and needless quotes of previous posts, especially in badly formatted posts.

Basically, these are my own texts, my own posts, placed into the context and dialogues in which they were written.

And remember: This is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Anchor-links need adjustment and may be erroneous.)


January-May 1999:

The Cult Victim Thread (01/26-28/99)

German document collection added to library (02/07-08/99)

Why Anthroposophy is cult-like (02/09-12/99)

Fallacious Argumentation (01/31-02/07/99)

Anthroposophy and Religion, Clairvoyance and Initiation (02/01-26/99)

About Bigotry (02/04-22/99)

Waldorf Alternatives and Science as Philosophy (02/08-15/99)

Henry Barnes about Waldorf (02/09/99)

Disclosure to Parents (02/09-28/99)

Adolf Hitler's Reading Technique (02/14/99)

Snitches and Biodynamic Marijuana (02/18-22/99)

Gurus (02/22-23/99)

Watch it, PLANS! (02/25-03/05/99)

Rudolf Steiner on Race and Gender (02/26-03/04/99)

Steiner on Waldorf and Gandhi (02/28-03/01/99)

First Amendment (03/04-05/99)

Steiner, Kepler, Einstein, Astrology, Numerology (03/05-07/99)

Learn Before you Leap - Races in SWA (03/25-31/99)

Biodynamic Gardening & Pythagoras (03/28-04/06/99)

What is Anthroposophical Influence? (04/04-09/99)

Guess What?! I am NOT a brainwashed idiot ... (04/06-10/99)

Role of Christ in Anthroposophy (04/09/99)

Defining Religion; Including Anthroposophy (04/09-13/99)

Esoteric vs. Orthodox Christianity (04/09-16/99)

First Amendment and WE (04/11-12/99)

Sarah's Introduction (04/11-15/99)

Darwinism (04/12-14/99)

Roy Wilkinson and the "How-To" Books (04/12/99)

PRIVATE -- SUGGESTION (04/13-18/99)

Defining Religion (04/14-20/99)

Who is an Anthroposophist? (04/15-16/99)

Steiner and a Physically Resurrected Christ (04/15-18/99)

Buddhist Christians? (04/16-18/99)

A massacre in my town (04/21-28/99)

Occultism (04/25-05/10/99)

Anthroposophy as a Science, not a Religion (04/29/99)

Rudolf Steiner on Monism and Dualism (04/30/99)

Spiritual Hierarchy (05/02-04/99)

Moral values (05/02-18/99)

Anthroposophy religion in WE curriculum (05/03-04/99)

Hitler's Occultism (05/10-12/99)

Mellett on Steiner's reincarnations (05/27-28/99)


May-October 2001:

Anthroposophy, Scientology, and Nazism (09/30-10/01/01)



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